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Pioneering Real-time Collateral Optimisation


Collateral Management

Integrated workflow tool to ensure timely sourcing and delivery of collateral 

Collateral Optimisation

Delivering "best fit" of collateral assets to calls

Portfolio Optimisation

Compression and CCP netting capabilities, and "what if" analysis to ensure proactive counterparty selection



Giving transparency on return metrics relative to capital consumption


Leveraging Technology for a Smarter Solution


We leverage graph databases to effectively decipher structured and unstructured data and their relationship in support for better decision making. 


The advanced big data technology we employ allow for very fast execution of complex pattern matching queries, thereby significantly reducing latency, enabling more decisions to be embedded at the point of trade. Simultaneously, at point of trade, users' previous and present behaviours are also captured and combined to instantly analyse their current choices and immediately provide relevant recommendations.

Lean and Scalable 

Our web-based platform eliminates the need for hardware and software installation and remains independent of legacy systems. This allows a straight-forward onboarding process, reducing down time, complex integration risks and costs relative to other solutions. These benefits are also reflected in the compelling price of our offering.


The flexibility of our user interface allows users to seamlessly map their organizational structure, from front office to support functions, while keeping existing operational controls. With cloud computing, users are able meet current requirements while having the option of scaling up for future collateral and portfolio demands. 

Streamlining onto one platform

The goal of the solution is to help users achieve productivity gains and commercial benefits on a single platform. We do so by centralizing and automating critical functions in a single user interface while deploying our platform as a SaaS solution.



  • Collateral Management

  • Collateral Optimization

  • Margin Operational Movement

Through streamlining and automating these essential functions, the platform reduces operational intensity and risks posed by scattered and manual processes. Standardized messaging and statement formats on a single application removes the need to track multiple communication channels for margin operational movements and reporting purposes. 


Users are able to manage all their collateral needs on a single platform, covering the entire collateral cycle, reducing operational risks and settlement latency.

Integrating collateral management at point of trade

ACUO takes collateral management one step beyond solely a workflow management tool.  



  • Derivative Portfolio Optimization

  • Derivative Portfolio Compression


By integrating the collateral management process at the point of trade, we bridge the divide between the front office and supporting functions, bringing transparent economic benefits to the trading book.  Users can optimising counterparty relationships to reduce cost of capital and achieve greater capital efficiency. Acuo's solution would turn these active management actions into a virtuous cycle of efficiency in collateral operations and capital utilisation.  

Analytics on Capital Weighted Revenue Metrics

We help users better understand the capital cost of their trading activity by giving their business a higher degree of granularity. Capitalising on the information, user can proactively manage demands of their derivatives portfolios and be capital efficient. 


Our analytics capabilities

  • Increases transparency on service provider fees

  • Reconcile broker scoring to weighted wallet distribution based on a customisable framework

  • Basel III capital return analytics

  • Benchmark return metrics 

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